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aMember Matomo Analytics Plugin


This plugin adds Matomo Analytics code to your aMember user pages and also simply to any page where you use AM::Lite.


Current version download from License centre Click here


  • Download the current release
  • Unpack the zip file
  • Upload the 'upload.aMember' files to your aMember directory
  • Enable the plugin
  • Configure the settings as required

aMember Page Tracking

Once installed all aMember pages on the user side will be automatically tracked, no edits required.

PHP Page tracking

Any page that can use the existing AM::Lite process can embed the required code, simply add the following before the '</head>' is emitted in your code;

If your aMember is not as per the example change the path as required
require_once( $_SERVER["DOCUMENT_ROOT"] . '/amember/application/default/plugins/misc/matomo/lite.php' );
echo Matomo::getInstance()->getTrackingCode();

On the list to be added

  • eCommerce tracking
  • A/B Testing (will need someone who has purchased the Matomo a/b testing addonto do the development)
  • Funnels (will need someone who has purchased the Matomo funnel addon to do the development)

NOT Supported

Other Software Support

In your distribution archive is a directory 'plugins' this contains supported application that have a plugin or sample integration available for you to use. If you would like to have another added raise a support ticket to discuss.


The DokuWiki code is a zero configuration plugin, upload the contents of the DokuWiki directory to your installation. Once uploaded the tracking code will be added to all DokuWiki pages. If your amember installation is not in the default you will need to edit the plugin to set the correct load path.

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