CS is not programming https://t.co/JzQ1SsMPki
@robertkern Heya could you let me know about @bugify ;-) ...
@thephpleague Well .. the PHP 7 issue is in the github issues already for BooBoo (multiple times)
@thephpleague Could you advise when all stuff will have composer/doc ready PHP v7.x support ... like #BooBoo ?? Thanks!
RT @manjusrii: Public service announcement: Don't click on links in emails/open documents attached to emails if you're not SURE what it is.
RT @FileSynod: The latest JLogica project File Synod ... the place to store and manage downloads
RT @shanselman: Backups always succeed. It's the restores that fail. Test your backups by practicing restores!
@DeptDefence Internal server error line 48 of default.aspx
RT @CT_Bergstrom: My son clearly has a better grasp on the real world than his teacher does. https://t.co/S74YL91yjN
Those were the Dayz https://t.co/BHUfQUEy06
RT @jenolan1701: Drop tables from a database using a pattern https://t.co/oJQzJ9mBMd
RT @jenolan1701: Have php error logs sent to you via email automatically using cron https://t.co/Qy2YFZ6E2v
RT @jenolan1701: Find & Delete files in shell https://t.co/NKKipjciF0
Drop tables from a database using a pattern https://t.co/km2ADF47kv
aMember MantisBT Integration allows you to integrate your bug tracker and aMember
Coming Soon & Limited Time signup enchancement
Restrict Product to one Signup form
Display date in admin control panel
Change the footer in the front end
aMember SimIn Plugin
Simple invoicing for aMember
Display user activity in browse user list


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