CS is not programming https://t.co/JzQ1SsMPki
@robertkern Heya could you let me know about @bugify ;-) ...
@thephpleague Well .. the PHP 7 issue is in the github issues already for BooBoo (multiple times)
@thephpleague Could you advise when all stuff will have composer/doc ready PHP v7.x support ... like #BooBoo ?? Thanks!
RT @manjusrii: Public service announcement: Don't click on links in emails/open documents attached to emails if you're not SURE what it is.
RT @FileSynod: The latest JLogica project File Synod ... the place to store and manage downloads
RT @shanselman: Backups always succeed. It's the restores that fail. Test your backups by practicing restores!
@DeptDefence Internal server error line 48 of default.aspx
RT @CT_Bergstrom: My son clearly has a better grasp on the real world than his teacher does. https://t.co/S74YL91yjN
Those were the Dayz https://t.co/BHUfQUEy06
RT @jenolan1701: Drop tables from a database using a pattern https://t.co/oJQzJ9mBMd
RT @jenolan1701: Have php error logs sent to you via email automatically using cron https://t.co/Qy2YFZ6E2v
RT @jenolan1701: Find & Delete files in shell https://t.co/NKKipjciF0
Drop tables from a database using a pattern https://t.co/km2ADF47kv
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